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About Us

We think, produce, and store for you!

We expand with our global power!
we like sharing what we do

Guided by the knowledge and experience we've gained in several parts of the planet , it's our primary goal to urge the very best efficiency from a product and to develop this product

As TrojanHeating co team, we discover and and implement innovations including different sales techniques, production strategies, management, and planning.
In addition to over 80 sector-leading customers and our strong portfolio, we've established a worldwide network with collaborations round the world by exporting to 14 countries.. because of our increasing recognition and cooperation in Germany, Austria, China, and Italy we are constantly growing!

Why Trojanheating?

Help You To Improve Your Brand!

repair kits

Cheaper Cost, Better Quality !

automatic air porches

You'll be impressed by our ideas!

air processors

Don't let your boiler be scrapped!

fasteners and accessories

Nature Friendly Solutions!

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